What I’ve Been Reading #1

I read a lot. When I’m not on the computer, I read a lot of books. When I actually spend time on my computer I read a lot of articles and blogs. I often open up BBC News or Google News and just click on headlines that interest me. The list of things I read can look pretty random to most people, and I thought I might try to start posting links to things I read, but don’t write about.

What follows is a list of interesting things I’ve read recently:

Good Omens (a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman)

Screen Reading Vs. Paper Surface Reading

The AP Report to the Nation about high school students taking AP tests

The Economist Daily Chart about teen pregnancy and births

Genetic or Not, Gay Won’t Go Away

Can the U.S. Army Embrace Atheists?

Margaret Chase Smith’s Declaration of Conscience from June 1st, 1950

What’s a Republican Feminist To Do?

Greta Christina’s blog post (2/1/12) about Jessica Ahlquist’s court case

Atheism and “Shut Up, That’s Why”Arguments (also a Greta Christina post, but much older than the other one)

Happy link clicking!

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4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading #1

  1. Duke Mantee says:

    Margaret Chase Smith is definitely not my favorite past Congresswoman. What books have you been reading? (Love, Marlee.)

    • I don’t know much about her, I just liked parts of that speech. I just finished Good Omens and I am now reading Raymond Chandler’s Playback. I finished two other Chandler novels recently as well as the epically long Camilla by Fanny Burney (Fanny is an awful name). I read a book in the Sword of Truth (there’s a television series called the Seeker of Truth based on the books) series by Terry Goodkind (slowly been reading the series) and started the next in the series, but I’ve lost my taste for his writing. He tends to include too many icky things, like creepy serial killers or rapists and I can’t help but think he has a really sick mind. I reread Pride and Prejudice because I missed Jane Austen’s writing. What about you?

  2. Duke Mantee says:

    I just read a Raymond Chandler too, The Big Sleep. If you like him, read The Postman Always Rings Twice or The Maltese Falcon.

    Mary Chase Smith refused Jimmy Stewart a promotion for his service in WWII. I just read a Jimmy Stewart biography. : )

    • I read the Maltese Falcon (and a bunch of Dashiell Hammett’s other work) a year or two ago. I really liked it. I read The Big Sleep when I took Winston’s class on American detective fiction. I’ll look into The Postman Always Rings Twice. 🙂

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