Silly Christian, Fairy Tales Are For Kids!

This man seems to think that “non believers” never read the Bible and therefore are entirely unaware that there are a lot of different things in the Bible.

The problem with this is that atheists and other nonbelievers are generally more informed than the average Christian. I admit I have nothing to support this in terms of evidence or statistics other than personal experience, but my point is rather that atheists are generally well-informed about the Bible (whether or not most Christians are informed is moot).

This video does not lead to shock and awe in nonbelievers. Notice also the man’s disregard for the difference between “agnostic” and “atheist,” two rather different groups and a distinction that is quite important.

Finally, I really enjoyed how he reads about the antichrist so seriously, but the words he says sound like part of a fairy tale or fantasy book. I do enjoy fairy tales…

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