Letter to RI Rep. Palumbo

Instead of explaining my disappearance, I want to encourage you to e-mail Rhode Island State Representative Peter G. Palumbo at rep-palumbo@rilin.state.ri.us or call his office at (401) 785-2882. If you don’t know who this man is, read this.

I e-mailed the following:

Rep. Palumbo:

Your behavior and remarks concerning Jessica Ahlquist have been alarming and, frankly, disgusting. You have shown the country that you have a tremendously limited understanding of the Constitution and the government of the United States of America, a country that was built on the belief that an educated and empowered populace with a governing document in place to protect the rights of all would be the best system of government.

Your lack of all noble human feelings disgusts not only myself, but a great many others. You should never have been elected given your inability to understand the law and your extremely questionable character. That you should take it upon yourself to defame the character of an atheist simply because she ensured proper respect of the Constitution of the United States is alarming. Worse, you took it upon yourself to defame and insult the character and person of a minor without apparently consulting rational thought or what one generally believes are the values of a true Christian.

Instead of condemning those who threatened not only violence but unspeakable acts towards this teenaged girl, you encouraged them, if not concurring exactly in what they wished to do, then by not either staying silent on the matter or letting the world know that, as your government protects minorities and those who challenge the status quo when our Constitution is threatened, you, too, would stand by such citizens. If that sentence was too long and complicated for you to understand, let me rephrase: If you have nothing nice to say, it’s best to say nothing at all, and as a representative of any part of the government, you are duty-bound to protect citizens who do the right, not the easy, thing.

If I were a constituent of yours, I would demand your resignation. Indeed, I wish that your constituents would do as much. You do not deserve to serve our government, and you are most certainly not a patriot.

Amanda Helling

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