Abortion is not a Risk Factor for Mental Illness

Posting on the same article again, only this time I thought I would write about the article itself, instead of anti-science culture.

This review found:

Data from 44 studies showed women with an unwanted pregnancy have a higher incidence of mental health problems in general.

This is not affected by whether or not they have an abortion or give birth.

In other words, women who get abortions are not more likely to suffer from mental health problems than women who choose not to get an abortion for an unplanned pregnancy.It turns out the stress from an unwanted pregnancy is pretty intense regardless of whether you keep the fetus or not.

Notice that number, 44! That means 44 separate studies were done, and the predominate result was that aborting an unwanted pregnancy did not increase the chance of suffering mental illness. That is a significant finding. One study might be manipulated, but it’s a lot harder to find 44 studies that say the same thing and also convince us that they’ve all been manipulated.

This is an exciting finding. It flies directly in the face of a big part of the rhetoric used by anti-abortionists. In fact, in flies directly in the face of anyone not supporting women’s contraceptive rights. A reasonable hypothesis from this is that denying women contraceptive rights should actually have a negative effect on their well-being. Take that people-trying-to-control-my-body!

It’s too bad a lot of anti-abortionists will continue to argue that women getting abortions suffer from more mental illness than those who don’t, but now at least there’s really strong evidence that they are wrong.

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