More Serious than it Seems.

I can hardly believe this. Who would ever think it is acceptable to put a sign on their door saying a particular group of individuals is not welcome in this day and age? I get that a lot of Christians have a problem with atheists, but that does not give them a right to say an atheist cannot enter their establishment.

Am I allowed to say Scientologists are not allowed to enter my store (okay, I don’t own a store) simply because I think you have to be delusional to fall for that particular group of ideas? No. And would I ever do that? No.

I thought we learned our lessons about segregation during the Civil Rights era when African Americans fought so hard for equality. And I thought that lesson was reinforced by the end of apartheid in South Africa.

We can certainly say things like, “Their loss” because that gelato shop lost a lot of business by putting such a sign on the door, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a rather alarming thing to see. We can laugh it off and do our best not to let it get us down at all, but it is scary to think that there are people thinking it is okay to discriminate on the basis of religion (or lack thereof). I hope this doesn’t become any sort of trend. Rosa Parks and all the heroes of the 1960s deserve a lot of credit for all that they did, but I don’t envy them what they went through, and I don’t want to experience even 1/100th of the ill treatment they received while fighting for their rights.

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